by Avi Ghosh

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Even though this song was written over three years ago and has been performed numerous times under my primary vehicle of performance Art Versus Industry, it will not see an "official" release until this year's "Destroy Myself" EP. It was my last attempt at writing a traditional "love" song so it felt appropriate to give it away on Valentine's Day. Especially considering my last two efforts came out on this very day over two consecutive years (2008-2009).

Thank you again for the years of support- I couldn't be more excited to share my first release in four years this Spring. Time and distance has the tendency to break the strongest of bonds, but we'll always have art to capture and remind us of the best (and worst) of times.


Devour (music/lyrics: Avi Ghosh)

There's a peace of mind that I left to get to you
There's a hole in my soul that only you can fill up
Letting go of the past was all that I could do
You're the one in the sun that won't let me down


I would burn in the flame just to show you I love you
Let it feed on the skin until it peels away
And even though I'm in need of serious rescue
I just look in your eyes and know that I'm okay



released February 14, 2013
Written, Recorded, Performed, Produced, and Arranged by Avi Ghosh



all rights reserved